Rattan Furniture For Children There is nothing more important to most people than their children. To keep them safe, we want their rattan kids room furniture to be made from natural materials with no harmful additives or paints. Our collection of rattan children's furniture will meet the needs of both you and your children.

We only use natural, safe materials for our collection ofeco friendly children's furniture. Ourkids rattanfurniture is ideally suited for children's rooms, designer play areas, as additions to your main living rooms, and even designed classroom and office areas where you want the children to feel as taken care of as the adults.

Sustainable and Locally Sourced Rattan

Skilled artisans in Indonesia beautifully craft the sustainable children's furniture we sell here at MONNARITA. Our rattan is sustainably harvested, and carefully prepared, and you can be sure that when you buy from us, you are helping to support local families and industries in developing countries.

Our kids rattan furniture is lightweight but durable enough to withstand the bumps of children playing on and around them while retaining their good looks. Our rattan kids furniture is made to last a lifetime.

Moving our rattan children's furniture is easy as can be. It weighs very little, meaning your child can take extra pleasure in helping you move their new furniture around their room and possibly even display it the way they like—depending on your little one’s interior decorating skills of course.

The MONNARITA Rattan Kids Collection

Rattan vines are one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, which attributes to how environmentally sustainable our products are. Our sustainable children's furniture and baby friendly furniture has zero plastic applications and is free from all harmful chemicals.