Mirrors were primarily and only used as grooming tools back in the day and we find evidence of that from ancient pottery with illustrations of Greek ladies gazing upon their reflections with small hand mirrors. Here at MONNARITA, we strive to create modern pieces made from sustainable, fast-growing natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, coconut, banana leaves, and bamboo to reduce our carbon footprint. Rattan is a tree that grows significantly faster than others which means it can be cut often and left to grow again reducing our impact on the natural ecosystem.


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ROUND  MIRRORROUND RATTAN MIRROR - Monnarita - Handmade products
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Rattan Mirror - Rattan Furniture - Boho Style Home Decor - Monnarita - handmade decorRattan Mirror - Rattan Furniture - Boho Style Home Decor - Monnarita - handmade decor
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Our products are exquisitely hand-made in Indonesia by our experienced local craftsmen and artisans which eliminates the need for production facilities that pollute Mother Earth. By supporting local craftsmanship and not disrupting the ecosystem which affects the balance of the earth’s climate we have succeeded in our goal of sharing our unique beautiful designs by being a zero-waste eco-friendly company.

Our collection of fine furniture and decor includes rattan mirrors featuring numerous sizes, designs and styles to become the perfect addition to any home.

What Can Mirrors Do to Interiors?

Maximize Your Decor With a Mirror

Mirrors in and around your home are real game changers as they can transform a dull room into an awe-inspiring space in seconds. It is an inexpensive but stylish way of livening up certain spaces with little to no hassles; all you need to do is pick the mirror you want, install at your desire, or hang it up yourself.

If you would like to put theory into practice and purchase stylish, modern but eco-friendly mirrors from MONNARITA, come and check out our website and while you’re at it, you might as well browse more of our products.