Originally from Poland, Monika & Ewelina founded Monnarita in 2018 while travelling around the world, they came across beautiful Indonesia, which is full of the potential for natural materials and sources.

They met local artists and discovered unique techniques that are long-standing craftsmanship of the local people, passed down from generation to generation.

Their background in architectural design and passion for beautifully crafted household items inspired them to start a business and share wonderful designs.

The vision is that through Monnarita they can collaborate with other creative designers, architects and homeowners who share a passion for supporting natural, sustainable ways to communicate her values of creativity, wisdom, humanity and culture to the world.

After initial success in Germany in 2018, Monnarita quickly expanded to the rest of Europe, where it quickly built a reputation for good service and quality products delivered to hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and designer homes.

In 2022, the company continued its expansion into the US market, giving furniture buyers and sellers there the opportunity to share ways to provide customers with beautiful, sustainable furniture.

The latest furniture trends are dominated by nature and care for the environment. All Monnarita products are made with sustainability in mind, they impress with their style and warm earthy colours.

Our Approach

Our company is an importer and distributor of contemporary and classic rattan furniture.
Using modern design and production methods for environmentally friendly materials that combine culture with modern touches.

Each handmade rattan item you buy helps provide an income to local Indonesian craftsmen as well as preserve our environment at the same time. Customers can be assured that each item is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.