Exclusive Trade Program

Trade discount

Save 20% at Monnarita

Insider access

Exclusively available to Trade Program members and available online, in-store or through our dedicated concierge.

Minimum purchase

No minimum purchase is required

What is the trading program?

The Interior Design Trade Program is a membership program for interior designers, decorators, architects, landscape designers, contractors and professional traders that allows them to purchase furniture, home accessories at a discounted price.

How to apply?

To apply for our designer discount program, email us.

Our team will contact you within two business days.

For our green planet

The latest furniture trends are dominated by nature, referring to ecology and care for the environment,  that is why the upcoming season will be strongly inspired by furniture and decorations of natural origin.

Natural rattan is full of warm earthy colours and fits perfectly into this trend.

Only eco materials+sustainable+exclusive design